ADMIN: HGH: Heartland Announces Addition of Senior Managers 10:19a.m. 
18/02/2020 10:19  
REL: 1019 HRS Heartland Group Holdings Limited  
ADMIN: HGH: Heartland Announces Addition of Senior Managers  
NZX/ASX Release  
Heartland Announces Addition of Senior Managers  
18 February 2020  
Heartland Group Holdings Limited (NZX/ASX: HGH) wishes to announce, pursuant  
to Listing Rule 3.20.1, that Andrew Dixson has been appointed as Chief  
Financial Officer of Heartland Group Holdings Limited (previously, Head of  
Corporate Finance) and Michael Drumm has been appointed General Counsel and  
Head of Group Risk (previously, General Counsel).  
These are both new roles, and Andrew and Michael will work closely alongside  
the existing Chief Financial Officer (Cherise Barrie) and Chief Risk Officer  
(Grant Kemble). The roles have been created to reflect the Group's growth and  
increased complexity, and anticipated growth and complexity over the coming  
period, and the need for management to focus on the activities of Heartland  
Bank Limited separately from the activities of the other members of the  
Heartland Group.  
Heartland Group Holdings Limited has also determined that Laura Byrne, Chief  
of Staff, is now also a Senior Manager for the purposes of the Listing Rules.  
- Ends -  
For further information, please contact:  
Person who authorised this announcement:  
Jeff Greenslade  
Title: Chief Executive Officer  
Contact phone number: 021 563 593  
Contact email address:  
Level 3, Heartland House  
35 Teed Street  
New Zealand  
End CA:00348588 For:HGH Type:ADMIN Time:2020-02-18 10:19:41  

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