SECISSUE: PLP: PLP - Issuance of New Units 04:30p.m. 
28/01/2022 16:30
REL: 1630 HRS Private Land and Property Fund

SECISSUE: PLP: PLP - Issuance of New Units

28 January 2022

Pursuant to Rule 3.13.2 of the Main Board Listing Rule, Booster Investment
Management Limited, in its capacity as manager of the Private Land and
Property Fund ('Fund' or NZX:PLP), confirms it has issued an additional
120,800 ordinary units in the Fund at $1.1976 per unit effective 26 January
2022 (the number of units allotted is confirmed 2 business days later on
completion of the unit pricing process).

This movement relates to the issuance of units directly to investors who
apply direct to the Fund as a continuous issuer.

For further information regarding the Private Land and Property Fund visit

About Booster
Booster Investment Management Limited (Booster) is the manager and issuer of
the Fund, and part of the Booster Group which has been helping New Zealanders
save since 1998. The group currently administers superannuation and
investment funds of over $4.5 billion on behalf of more than 130,000 New
PLP is a managed investment fund that invests in land and property-based
investments by investing in units in Booster's Private Land and Property
Portfolio. PLP only holds these units.
For more information, including a copy of the Product Disclosure Statement,
please visit
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