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01/04/2020 02:49a.m.
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NZ Announcements
Time Code Headline
05:23p.m. MEL.NZ SHINTR: MEL: D&O Ongoing Disclosure Notice - multiple
05:22p.m. NFFHA.NZ HALFYR: NFF: Appendix 4D and Half-Year Accounts
04:36p.m. GSH.NZ MKTUPDTE: GSH: Lender Support through COVID-19
04:28p.m. VCT.NZ GENERAL: VCT: Electricity Distribution Asset Management Plan
04:22p.m. .NZ GENERAL: SPF: Spark Finance extends standby facility
04:22p.m. SPK.NZ GENERAL: SPK: Spark Finance extends standby facility
04:19p.m. CVT.NZ GENERAL: CVT: Notice of redemption of partly paid shares
04:15p.m. BGP.NZ MKTUPDTE: BGP: Briscoes Homeware Online - Essential Goods
04:11p.m. SEK.NZ MEETING: SEK: Seeka issues new Notice of Meeting for an online meeting
04:02p.m. CNU.NZ SHINTR: CNU: SPH Notice - Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc.
04:01p.m. TWR.NZ SHINTR: TWR: SPH Notice - Investment Services Group Limited
03:25p.m. CSM.NZ SHINTR: CSM: SPH Notice - MTL Securities Limited
03:09p.m. FPH.NZ GENERAL: FPH: Notification of Issue of Securities
02:30p.m. CSM.NZ SHINTR: CSM: SPH Notice - Lindsay Investment Trust
02:24p.m. CO2.NZ MKTUPDTE: CO2: CO2s NTA as at 30-03-2020: $0.9474
02:12p.m. GEO.NZ SHINTR: GEO: Ongoing Disclosure Notice - Rod Snodgrass
02:09p.m. .NZ SHINTR: HBL: Ongoing Disclosure Notice - Chris Flood
02:09p.m. HGH.NZ SHINTR: HGH: Ongoing Disclosure Notice - Chris Flood
01:02p.m. CSM.NZ SHINTR: CSM: SPH Notice - Rhonda Lillian Preston
12:56p.m. NZX.NZ MEETING: NZX: Results of NZX Limited 2020 Annual Shareholders' Meeting
12:53p.m. CSM.NZ SHINTR: CSM: SPH Notice - Michael Sorensen and Adam Sorensen
12:40p.m. VHP.NZ MEETING: VHP: Adjournment of Special Meeting to 2 April 2020
11:56a.m. .NZ SECISSUE: AKC: Capital Change Notice
11:55a.m. VCT.NZ MKTUPDTE: VCT: Update and Withdrawal of Guidance
11:48a.m. CSM.NZ CORPACT: CSM: Capital Change Notice
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