• Latest Update - In our first edition of FNZC Insights, we spoke to Glen Sowry, CEO of Metlifecare, to hear his insights on the growing retirement village living sector and how Metlifecare plans to secure the company's future growth and success. Click here to watch.
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21/05/2019 03:17a.m.
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NZ Announcements
Time Code Headline
05:28p.m. EVO.NZ SHINTR: EVO: SPH Notice - Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)
04:23p.m. ANZ.NZ GENERAL: ANZ: ANZ NZ Branch DS 31 March 2019
04:22p.m. MLN.NZ CORPACT: MLN: MLN - Quarterly dividend of 1.95 cents per share
04:22p.m. BRM.NZ CORPACT: BRM: BRM - Quarterly dividend of 1.31 cents per share
04:21p.m. KFL.NZ CORPACT: KFL: KFL - Quarterly dividend of 3.07 cents per share
03:05p.m. FPH.NZ SECISSUE: FPH: Notification of Issue of Securities
11:02a.m. PEB.NZ GENERAL: PEB: International Urology Experts Present on Cxbladder
10:58a.m. WKSHA.NZ CORPACT: WKSHA: Appendix 7 - Notice of Dividend
10:55a.m. CO2.NZ MKTUPDTE: CO2: CO2's NTA as at 17th May 2019: $1.0032
10:27a.m. BRM.NZ SECISSUE: BRM: BRM - Notice of acquisition of securities 17 May 2019
10:23a.m. KFL.NZ SECISSUE: KFL: KFL - Notice of acquisition of securities 17 May 2019
10:03a.m. CGF.NZ SHINTR: CGF: Ongoing Disclosure Notice - Michael George Rae Hutcheson
10:02a.m. CGF.NZ SHINTR: CGF: Substantial Product Holder Notice - Graeme Keith Jackson
09:51a.m. SDL.NZ ADMIN: SDL: NZX Main Board Migration and Rules Compliance
09:28a.m. USV.NZ MKTUPDTE: USV: USV NTA 17-05-2019 $3.33276
09:27a.m. APA.NZ MKTUPDTE: APA: APA NTA 17-05-2019 $1.98222
09:26a.m. USS.NZ MKTUPDTE: USS: USS NTA 17-05-2019 $4.69916
09:24a.m. USG.NZ MKTUPDTE: USG: USG NTA 17-05-2019 $4.83824
09:22a.m. USF.NZ MKTUPDTE: USF: USF NTA 17-05-2019 $8.08557
09:21a.m. TWF.NZ MKTUPDTE: TWF: TWF NTA 17-05-2019 $2.25557
09:20a.m. USM.NZ MKTUPDTE: USM: USM NTA 17-05-2019 $4.95699
09:19a.m. EUF.NZ MKTUPDTE: EUF: EUF NTA 17-05-2019 $1.66421
09:17a.m. EMF.NZ MKTUPDTE: EMF: EMF NTA 17-05-2019 $1.24650
09:16a.m. ASP.NZ MKTUPDTE: ASP: ASP NTA 17-05-2019 $1.57589
09:15a.m. ASR.NZ MKTUPDTE: ASR: ASR NTA 17-05-2019 $5.12320
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