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Sharesight Portfolio Management

03/07/2022 08:24p.m.
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Direct Broking clients can establish an electronic connection between their Direct Broking portfolio and the Sharesight portfolio management system.

Once established, the connection automatically delivers share trading data from Direct Broking and records it in your Sharesight portfolio, where it is then combined with information from the stock exchanges to automatically record dividends and to administer events such as share splits and bonus issues.

Establishing the connection with Direct Broking will not override your existing Sharesight portfolio and if you have more than one Sharesight portfolio, you can instruct the Direct Broking portfolio of your choice to connect to the Sharesight portfolio of your choice.

There are no additional charges from Direct Broking for this service.

About Sharesight

Sharesight provides an online share portfolio management solution that can save you time and money by giving you online access to all the data required for your tax returns, including detailed foreign investment calculations, at the click of a button. Financial reporting information is also provided for those who hold shares in a family trust.  Additionally, you can share your Sharesight portfolio in a secure way with your advisor, accountant or anyone else you choose.

Sharesight also shows you the annualised performance of each share and your total portfolio. This allows you to compare your share returns with other investment options such as a bank deposit.  Returns can be viewed in dollars or annualised percentages over the time period of your choice.

Sharesight offers a free version of its online portfolio management software suitable for managing up to 10 shareholdings. The free version of Sharesight provides all the share investment information you need for your tax return, including access to detailed performance reports. You can upgrade your plan at any time if you have more than 10 shareholdings or need more sophisticated functionality. Full pricing information is available on the Sharesight website.

Existing Direct Broking clients:

New Direct Broking clients:

(an Direct Broking account is needed to establish the Direct Broking-Sharesight connection.)