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Friday, 11 January 2019  
DIV NTA & Allotment Notice  
Smartshares Limited would like to report details of the Units on Issue for  
the NZ Dividend Fund (DIV) as at 10 January 2019.  
Units on Issue: 27,657,211  
Units Allotted/(Redeemed): -  
Net Tangible Assets (NTA): $1.14734  
Tracking Difference: 0.30%  
The objective of the NZ Dividend Fund (DIV) is to provide a return that  
closely matches the return on the S&P/NZX 50 High Dividend Index. The S&P/NZX  
50 High Dividend Index comprises the top 25 stocks with the highest dividend  
yields and liquidity from the NZX 50 index.  
The following companies are currently held in the Fund:  
Code Security description  
AIA Auckland International Airport Ltd.  
AIR Air New Zealand Ltd.  
ARG Argosy Property Ltd.  
CEN Contact Energy Ltd.  
CNU Chorus Ltd.  
FRE Freightways Ltd.  
FSF Fonterra Shareholders' Fund Units  
GMT Goodman Property Trust  
GNE Genesis Energy Ltd.  
HGH Heartland Group Holdings Ltd.  
IFT Infratil Ltd.  
KPG Kiwi Property Group Ltd.  
MCY Mercury NZ Ltd.  
MEL Meridian Energy Ltd.  
NZR New Zealand Refining Ltd.  
PCT Precinct Properties New Zealand Ltd.  
RBD Restaurant Brands New Zealand Ltd.  
SKC SKYCITY Entertainment Group Ltd.  
SKT Sky Network Television Ltd.  
SPK Spark New Zealand Ltd.  
THL Tourism Holdings Ltd  
TME Trade Me Group Ltd.  
VCT Vector Ltd.  
WBC Westpac Banking Corporation  
ZEL Z Energy Ltd.  
About Smartshares  
Smartshares is the pioneer of ETFs in New Zealand, launching the first ETF  
(TNZ - the NZ Top 10 Fund) in 1996. Smartshares is New Zealand's only issuer  
of ETFs listed on the NZX Main Board, with in excess of 15,000 unit holders  
and more than NZD $2.4 billion of funds under management. The Special  
Division of the New Zealand Markets Disciplinary Tribunal regulates  
Smartshares in a similar way to NZX Regulation's regulation of other listed  
issuers. Smartshares funds are listed on NZX so you can buy or sell them just  
like individual shares. The listed funds are designed to "track" (or, in some  
cases, outperform) an index. Each Smartshares ETF is designed to provide  
investors with similar returns to a direct investment in all the securities  
that make up the ETF. To learn more and obtain a copy of the Product  
Disclosure Statement, please visit:  
For further information please contact:  
Smartshares Limited  
0800 80 87 80  
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