MEMO: FBI: Rollover of Fletcher Building Industries - FBI120 & FBI130 12:53p.m. 
11/01/2019 12:53  
REL: 1253 HRS Fletcher Building Industries Limited  
MEMO: FBI: Rollover of Fletcher Building Industries - FBI120 & FBI130  
To: Market Participants  
From: NZX Product Operations  
Date: Friday, 11 January 2019  
Subject: Rollover of Fletcher Building Industries Limited Capital Notes  
("FBI120" & "FBI130")  
Please be advised of the following information relating to the rollover of  
the Fletcher Building Industries Limited March 2019 Capital Notes ("FBI120" &  
The Election Date for FBI120 & FBI130 is Friday, 15 March 2019 and the  
Election Record Date is 5pm, Friday, 25 January 2019.  
Accordingly, trading in FBI120 & FBI130 will be halted and suspended at close  
of business on Wednesday, 23 January 2019.  
For those who elect to retain their Capital Notes on the new terms, quotation  
of the new FBI180 Notes will commence on Monday, 18 March 2019, being the  
business day immediately following the Election Date.  
The new terms and details of FBI180 will be provided in a Quotation Notice,  
which will be released to market at such time as the information is  
A timetable of events is attached.  
Please contact NZX Product Operations on +64 4 496 2853 or email with any queries.  
End CA:00329368 For:FBI Type:MEMO Time:2019-01-11 12:53:42