GENERAL: SML: SML Announcement - Registration renewal success for Synlait 04:13p.m. 
11/01/2019 16:13  
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GENERAL: SML: SML Announcement - Registration renewal success for Synlait  
Synlait (NXZ: SML; ASX: SM1) is pleased to announce it has obtained  
registration renewal of its Dunsandel plant with the General Administration  
of Customs of the Peoples' Republic of China (GACC).  
The registration allows Synlait to continue to export canned infant formula  
to China and is issued by GACC who took over this responsibility from the  
Certification and Accreditation Administration of the Peoples' Republic of  
China (CNCA) after a government restructure in March last year.  
Re-registration is required every four years and included an in-depth  
assessment where Synlait was asked to prove it has robust systems for change  
management, pathogen management and food incident management.  
The three-day onsite audit conducted by the Ministry for Primary Industries  
(MPI) on behalf of GACC also included a full traceability exercise from raw  
materials through to export, as well as an assessment of Synlait's capability  
to meet China's rigorous regularly requirements.  
"GACC has strict criteria overseas manufacturers must meet to maintain  
registration, and I'm pleased to say Synlait Dunsandel continues to meet  
these high standards," says Synlait CEO Leon Clement.  
Synlait first obtained certification for canned infant formula for its  
Dunsandel site in September 2014.  
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