CORPACT: NZB: NZB Appendix 7 - February 2019 10:47a.m. 
14/02/2019 10:47  
REL: 1047 HRS NZ Bond Fund (NS)  
CORPACT: NZB: NZB Appendix 7 - February 2019  
NZ Bond Fund - Appendix 7  
Nature of event: Interim Dividend  
EXISTING securities affected by this  
Description of the class of securities: NZ Bond Fund  
Monies Associated with Event  
Amount per security: $0.02083373  
Excluded income per security: $0.00000000  
Currency: NZD  
Total monies: $1,902,466  
Supplementary Dividend: $0.00367654  
Imputation Credits: $0.00810201  
Record Date: 28 February 2019  
Application Date: 20 March 2019  
About Smartshares  
Smartshares is the pioneer of ETFs in New Zealand, launching the first ETF  
(TNZ - the NZ Top 10 Fund) in 1996. Smartshares is New Zealand's only issuer  
of ETFs listed on the NZX Main Board, with in excess of 14,500 unit holders  
and more than NZD $2.5 billion of funds under management. The Special  
Division of the New Zealand Markets Disciplinary Tribunal regulates  
Smartshares in a similar way to NZX Regulation's regulation of other listed  
issuers. Smartshares funds are listed on NZX so you can buy or sell them just  
like individual shares. The listed funds are designed to "track" (or, in some  
cases, outperform) an index. Each Smartshares ETF is designed to provide  
investors with similar returns to a direct investment in all the securities  
that make up the ETF. To learn more and obtain a copy of the Product  
Disclosure Statement, please visit:  
For further information please contact:  
Smartshares Limited  
0800 80 87 80  
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