MKTUPDTE: HLG: HGH Ltd - Group Managing Director Appointment 10:07a.m. 
15/03/2019 10:07  
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MKTUPDTE: HLG: HGH Ltd - Group Managing Director Appointment  
15 March 2019  
Hallenstein Glasson Holdings Limited - Group Managing Director Appointment  
The Board of Hallenstein Glasson is delighted to announce the appointment of  
Mary Devine as Group Managing Director.  
Mary originally joined the Board of Hallenstein Glasson in July 2018. Mary  
has an extensive background in retail including previous roles as Managing  
Director of J. Ballantyne & Co and CEO of EziBuy. Earlier in her career, she  
gained in depth experience in the manufacturing, distribution and marketing  
of key brands across multiple fashion apparel categories.  
Mary's mandate is the ongoing development of the strong and capable executive  
team, whilst continuing to build upon the strategic initiatives within the  
Mary's appointment is effective 01 April 2019.  
Warren Bell  
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