HALFYR: GTK: Gentrack Group Limited Half-Year Results 09:04a.m. 
24/05/2019 09:04  
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HALFYR: GTK: Gentrack Group Limited Half-Year Results  
24 May 2019  
Please find attached the following information for Gentrack Group Limited  
(NZX/ASX: GTK) for the six month period ended 31 March 2019:  
1. Results Announcement  
2. Distribution Notice  
3. Market Announcement  
4. Financial Statements including Chairperson and CEO Commentary  
5. Investor Presentation  
Contact details regarding this announcement:  
Jon Kershaw  
Company Secretary  
+64 9 966 6090  
About Gentrack  
Gentrack provides essential software for essential services, pairing powerful  
platforms with deep market knowledge to help utilities and airports lower  
service costs, foster innovation and confidently navigate market reform. It  
employs over 550 people in offices across New Zealand, Australia, the UK,  
Singapore, USA and Europe and services over 220 utility and airport sites in  
30+ countries with its leading solutions.  
Gentrack Cloud is a subscription-based billing, customer information, market  
interaction and portfolio analytics solution for energy and water utilities  
in markets where flexibility, uniqueness and compliance are essential. Its  
meter-to-cash capabilities and managed services offering are designed to  
enable utilities to differentiate their businesses in competitive markets, to  
deliver great customer service experiences, achieve lower service costs,  
launch innovative products and stay compliant with market regulations.  
More information:  
Veovo is Gentrack's world-class solution for airports, enabling them to  
unlock operational, revenue, concession and passenger insights across the  
airport ecosystem. Over 115 airports globally are using Veovo to operate more  
efficiently, uncover new growth opportunities and deliver outstanding guest  
More information:  
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