MKTUPDTE: KFL: KFL undiluted ex-div NAV as at 12/6/19 - $1.5840 02:42p.m. 
13/06/2019 14:42  
REL: 1442 HRS Kingfish Limited  
MKTUPDTE: KFL: KFL undiluted ex-div NAV as at 12/6/19 - $1.5840  
KFL undiluted NAV as at 12/6/19 - $1.5840 (after deducting 3.07cps dividend  
Date 12/6/2019 5/6/2019  
KFL undiluted NAV* $1.5840 $1.5761  
Share price close $1.41 $1.46  
Discount 11% 7%  
The above net asset value (NAV) is unaudited and net of fees and tax.  
The NAV per share is after deducting an accrual for a 3.07 cents per share  
dividend to be paid on 27 June 2019. The NAV per share is also calculated  
after deducting treasury stock of 117,500 shares (acquired under the Kingfish  
buyback programme).  
* The undiluted NAV excludes any impact on the NAV of the future exercise of  
warrants (KFLWE). At 12 June 2019, 48,368,533 warrants are on issue and may  
be exercised on 12 July 2019. The actual exercise price of each warrant is  
$1.37 less the dividends per share declared by the company between 19 July  
2018 and 12 July 2019. Dividends totalling 11.94 cents per share have been  
declared to date and there are no more dividends to be declared in the  
remaining period to 12 July 2019.  
The five largest portfolio holdings at 12 June 2019 are approximately as  
The a2 Milk Company 15%  
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare 14%  
Mainfreight 12%  
Infratil 9%  
Freightways 8%  
Kingfish is a listed investment company that invests in growing New Zealand  
companies. The Kingfish portfolio is managed by Fisher Funds, a specialist  
investment manager with a track record of successfully investing in growth  
company shares. The aim of Kingfish is to offer investors competitive returns  
through capital growth and dividends, and access to a diversified portfolio  
of investments through a single tax-efficient investment vehicle. Kingfish  
listed on NZX Main Board on 31 March 2004 and may invest in companies that  
are listed on a New Zealand stock exchange or unlisted companies.  
Corporate Manager  
Kingfish Limited  
Tel +64 9 4840352  
End CA:00335980 For:KFL Type:MKTUPDTE Time:2019-06-13 14:42:39  

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