CORPACT: MCY: Mercury to Redeem MCY010 Capital Bonds 02:32p.m. 
19/06/2019 14:32  
REL: 1432 HRS Mercury NZ Limited (NS)  
CORPACT: MCY: Mercury to Redeem MCY010 Capital Bonds  
19 June 2019 - Mercury NZ Limited ("Mercury") announces that it is exercising  
its right to fully redeem its NZ$300 million of subordinated capital bonds  
(NZDX ticker code: MCY010) ("MCY010 Bonds"). The redemption will occur in  
accordance with the trust deed for the MCY010 Bonds on the first reset date,  
11 July 2019.  
Holders of the MCY010 Bonds will be entitled to receive the principal amount  
(NZ$1.00) of each MCY010 Bond held, together with accrued and unpaid interest  
up to the first reset date.  
Mercury is undertaking a new offer of subordinated capital bonds ("Capital  
Bonds"). Holders of the MCY010 Bonds who wish to participate in the offer  
should contact their usual financial adviser to obtain an allocation of  
Capital Bonds. Holders of the MCY010 Bonds who have received an allocation  
from their financial adviser can elect to have some or all of the proceeds  
from their MCY010 Bonds applied to the settlement of that allocation.  
Mercury will be communicating with all the holders of the MCY010 Bonds to  
notify them of this decision. A template letter is attached to this  
For further information please contact:  
BNZ - 0800 284 017  
Deutsche Craigs - 0800 226 263  
Forsyth Barr - 0800 367 227  
For further information:  
Media - Craig Dowling 0272 105 337  
Investors - Tim Thompson 0275 173 470  
Attachments: Template letter to bondholders  
Corporate Action Notice  
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