GENERAL: BLT: BLT Precautionary response completed 11:27a.m. 
12/07/2019 11:27  
REL: 1127 HRS Blis Technologies Limited  
GENERAL: BLT: BLT Precautionary response completed  
12 July 2019  
Precautionary response completed  
During a review of chemical stock at Blis Technologies' (NZX:BLT) research  
and development laboratory at its South Dunedin manufacturing site, staff  
noted early deterioration of a container holding a small quantity of a  
substance used infrequently in basic research.  
Action was taken by staff, in accordance with the company's protocols, to  
contact experts to understand the appropriate handling of the chemical and  
its disposal. The container has now been removed from the building for  
disposal and the site has reopened.  
Fire and Emergency New Zealand has confirmed that the risk mitigation steps  
and actions were appropriate.  
Health and safety is a priority for the Board. In accordance with company  
protocols, a review of the incident will be undertaken.  
For further information:  
Brian Watson  
Chief Executive  
027 705 9133  
End CA:00337594 For:BLT Type:GENERAL Time:2019-07-12 11:27:21  

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