MKTUPDTE: TLT: Tilt Renewables 2019 Q1 Production Results 01:40p.m. 
12/07/2019 13:40  
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MKTUPDTE: TLT: Tilt Renewables 2019 Q1 Production Results  
12 July 2019  
Market Announcement  
Tilt Renewables June 2019 Quarter Production Results  
In the three months to 30 June 2019 (June 19 quarter) group production across  
the Tilt Renewables portfolio was 4% above the June 2018 quarter result and  
1% ahead of long-term expectations.  
Production across the Australian portfolio was significantly higher (20%)  
compared to the prior corresponding period due the additional generation from  
the Salt Creek Wind Farm (45GWh for the June 19 Quarter). However, when  
normalised for the introduction of the Salt Creek Wind Farm, the Australian  
portfolio production was 5% above the long-term expectations due to higher  
wind conditions during the quarter and satisfactory asset reliability. The  
South Australian system stability related constraint resulted in  
approximately 6.2GWh of lost production during the quarter, which is 4.1GWh  
lower than the corresponding prior period, reflecting some of the work by  
AEMO to improve outcomes for participants due to the constraint.  
New Zealand production was 7% below long-term expectations in the June 2019  
quarter due to lower than expected wind conditions.  
Overall this is an encouraging start to the year, however, the variable  
nature of the wind yield means the group's full year FY19 earnings guidance  
remains unchanged.  
Refer table and graph in attached release.  
For further information please contact:  
Steve Symons  
Chief Financial Officer  
Phone: +61 419 893 746  
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