SECISSUE: AOR: Aorere Resources Limited Allotment of Shares 04:36p.m. 
12/07/2019 16:36  
REL: 1636 HRS Aorere Resources Limited  
SECISSUE: AOR: Aorere Resources Limited Allotment of Shares  
12 July 2019  
Aorere Resources Limited Allotment of Shares  
Aorere Resources Limited (NZX: AOR) has today allotted 6,250,000 shares to a  
shareholder that missed out on the share purchase plan offer (SPP) which  
closed on 13 June 2019.  
The shares were allotted at the same price as under the SPP being $0.0008 per  
share. This placement has accordingly raised an additional $5,000.  
Full details of the allotment is set out below.  
For and on behalf of the Board.  
Chris Castle  
Managing Director  
Class of security: Ordinary shares  
Number issued: 6,250,000  
Issue price: $0.0008 per share (6,250,000 shares)  
Payment in cash: Yes  
Fully paid: Yes  
Percentage of class: 0.379%  
Purpose of the issue: As set out in the SPP booklet distributed to  
shareholders on 22 May 2019  
Authority for issue: Board resolutions and Rule 4.5.1  
Date of issue: 12 July 2019  
Total number of securities on issue following allotment: 1,655,395,842  
ordinary shares  
End CA:00337604 For:AOR Type:SECISSUE Time:2019-07-12 16:36:01  

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