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FLLYR: PCT: Strategic execution drives PCT annual results  
Performance summary for the 12 months ended 30 June 2019  
Financial summary  
oNet operating income increased to $79.4 million, up 3.7% (2018: $76.6  
oGross rental revenue was $135.8 million, 3.9% higher than the previous year  
(2018: $130.7 million).  
oNet property income (NPI) of $97.5 million (2018: $95.3 million); after  
adjusting for development projects and sales, like for like NPI was 3.9%  
higher than the previous comparable period.  
oTotal comprehensive income after tax of $190.1 million (2018: $254.9  
oFull year dividend of 6.00 cps, up 3.4% (2018: 5.80 cps), matching Adjusted  
Funds From Operations (AFFO) for the year of 6.02 cps. Consistent with  
Precinct's intention to transition towards paying out approximately 100% of  
AFFO as dividends.  
oStrong property revaluation gain of $161.7 million or 6.1% (2018: $208.7  
oNet Asset Value (NAV) per share increased by 6.4% to $1.49 (2018: $1.40).  
oFY20 dividend guidance of 6.30 cps, an increase of 5.0%.  
Capital management  
o$151.8 million raised through successful equity issue.  
oAsset recycling - $191 million assets sold  
-This includes the sale of a 50% interest of the ANZ Centre in Auckland for  
$181 million and the disposal of 10 Brandon Street in Wellington.  
-Post balance date, Precinct has agreed a conditional sale of Pastoral House  
in Wellington for $77 million.  
oLong term funding secured via $162.8 million United States Private Placement  
Operational performance continues to advance  
oMaintained high occupancy level of 99% (2018: 99%) and increased weighted  
average lease term (WALT) across the portfolio to 9.0 years (2018: 8.7  
oActive leasing with 27 office transactions secured, totalling over 20,000  
square metres.  
oAuckland portfolio continues to achieve rental growth with like for like  
income up 6.1% on the previous comparable period, Wellington remains flat.  
oGenerator business  
-Strategic acquisition of the remaining 50% equity interest during the year.  
-Significant occupancy growth to 88% across its sites as the business  
matures, this has underpinned 116% growth in revenue for the year to $16.4  
Development projects update  
Commercial Bay  
oLeasing progress with retail commitments now at 95% (2018: 76%) and office  
commitments at 82% (2018: 78%).  
-Revised targeted opening dates of March 2020 for the retail centre and April  
2020 for the new PwC Tower.  
-Forecasted total project cost remains in the range of $690 to $700 million  
and the yield on cost is expected to be in the 7.4% to 7.5% range.  
oOne Queen Street has now entered into detailed design phase and  
pre-commitments lifted to 78%.  
Wynyard Quarter  
oCommitment to the second stage of Wynyard Quarter, 10 Madden Street in  
November 2018.  
-The building is 62% committed with major leasing to Media Design School  
-Remainder of the office space is conditionally leased to two confidential  
parties (documentation under negotiation).  
-Project remains on budget and on schedule for practical completion at the  
end of 2020.  
oWynyard Quarter Stages 3 and 4  
-Design programme allows for mid-2020 works commencement.  
Bowen Campus  
oThe Charles Ferguson Building reached practical completion in December 2018,  
now occupied by Ministry of Primary Industries.  
oAt Defence House (previously Bowen State Building), base build works are now  
complete with integrated fitout progressing well. The project remains on  
schedule for New Zealand Defence Force to occupy the building in October  
2019. Rent has commenced.  
oBowen Campus Stage Two continues to progress.  
-Detailed design now complete and resource consent granted for two additional  
-Active leasing discussions are underway with a number of potential  
-Construction procurement underway.  
Precinct Properties New Zealand Limited (Precinct) (NZX: PCT) reported its  
financial results for the 12 months ended 30 June 2019 today. A strong  
revaluation gain contributed to total comprehensive income after tax of  
$190.1 million. This compares with $254.9 million last year, with the  
difference mainly attributable to the movement in financial instruments and  
the prior period revaluation gain.  
Net operating income, which adjusts for a number of non-cash items, was up  
3.7% to $79.4 million (2018: $76.6 million) or 6.37 cps. Net operating income  
before performance fees was 6.62 cps, in line with guidance.  
Dividends paid and attributed to the 2019 financial year totalled 6.00 cps  
and reflected a year on year increase of 3.4%. Importantly the dividend  
matched Adjusted Funds From Operations (AFFO) for the year of 6.02 cps. This  
is consistent with Precinct's intention to transition towards paying out  
approximately 100% of AFFO as dividends.  
Gross rental revenue was $135.8 million, 3.9% higher than the previous year  
(2018: $130.7 million). This increase was primarily due to the acquisition in  
February of the remaining 50% interest in Generator. Allowing for Generator,  
the sale of a 50% interest in the ANZ Centre, the completion of Bowen Campus  
Stage One and other transactions, like for like gross rental income was 3.8%  
higher than the previous period. Adjusting for development projects and  
sales, like for like NPI growth was 3.9% higher than the previous comparable  
period. The Auckland portfolio saw an increase of 6.1%, while Wellington was  
As at 30 June 2019 Precinct's portfolio totalled $2.8 billion (2018: $2.5  
billion), with Precinct's NAV per share at balance date increasing 6.4% to  
$1.49 (2018: $1.40). The increase in NAV is due to the revaluation gain and  
is partly offset by the fair value loss in financial instruments. Further  
financial information can be found within the 2019 Annual Report at  
Scott Pritchard, Precinct's CEO, said "The last financial year has been  
another active period for our business. Precinct's investment and development  
portfolios continue to perform well. We have also maintained a strong balance  
sheet position by completing several capital management initiatives during  
the 2019 financial year, ensuring we have sufficient funding capacity to  
deliver all committed developments".  
"Demand drivers for city centre real estate across the office, retail and  
hotel markets remain positive. Our strategy continues to deliver performance;  
we are enhancing our portfolio composition through diversification of city  
centre real estate and increasing our investment in coworking/flexible space.  
We believe these initiatives, along with aligning dividends with AFFO further  
support our strategy in the long-term".  
Our investment portfolio is benefiting from significant leasing activity,  
strong rental growth and high occupancy achieved in Auckland and Wellington.  
The strength in our assets is driving Precinct's operating performance and  
reinforces the position that our portfolio holds in meeting the needs of our  
clients. At 30 June 2019, overall portfolio occupancy was maintained at 99%  
and our WALT has increased to 9.0 years.  
Expanding further into the fast-growing coworking/flexible space market has  
provided Precinct with a unique investment opportunity. Purchasing the  
remaining 50% equity interest in coworking space provider, Generator in  
February 2019 has significantly increased our presence. Our investment now  
makes up 66% market share of total coworking/flexible space in Auckland city.  
This acquisition has been a pursued investment of Precinct, in line with our  
business strategy of being city centre specialists. Generator allows us to  
extend our traditional offering, providing flexible office space and  
meeting/events solutions to a broad range of New Zealand businesses.  
Scott Pritchard, Precinct's CEO, said "We have a clear strategy for the  
Generator business. Similar to other global cities, over the long-term we  
expect to see continued growth and demand from this market in Auckland and  
Wellington city centres".  
During the period, a total of $191 million of assets were sold. This included  
the sale of a 50% interest in the ANZ Centre in Auckland for $181 million, to  
a fund controlled by Invesco, together with the sale of 10 Brandon Street in  
Wellington. Post balance date, Pastoral House in Wellington is now under  
contract for sale and remains conditional at this stage on the purchaser's  
due diligence. We will provide an update on this transaction in due course.  
Development update  
Commercial Bay  
During the year we have advanced pre-leasing at Commercial Bay. Pleasingly,  
we have welcomed a number of high quality retailers ensuring the retail mix  
is first class. This has increased retail leasing commitments to 95%. Around  
8% of the office tower has been leased during the year, with pre-leasing now  
at 82%.  
As previously disclosed in May 2019, the targeted opening dates of Commercial  
Bay have been revised to March 2020 for the retail centre and to April 2020  
for the new PwC Tower. This is due to observed delays in construction  
progress by the main contractor. We are working closely with all retailers  
and office occupiers to manage risks and minimise any potential disruptions.  
This is our key priority. Precinct remains confident the provisions of the  
construction contract appropriately protect Precinct from losses due to  
contractor delay and/or breach of contractor obligations.  
With designs now progressed, the second stage of the Commercial Bay project,  
One Queen Street is set to create a true and vibrant mixed-use community in  
the heart of the Auckland city centre. Fully integrated into the Commercial  
Bay retail precinct, One Queen Street reinforces our commitment to creating a  
world-class waterfront destination on par with other gateway cities.  
Construction remains scheduled to commence during 2020.  
Wynyard Quarter  
Announced during the period, the development of the second stage of Wynyard  
Quarter, 10 Madden Street is now under construction. The project remains on  
budget and on schedule for practical completion at the end of 2020. Currently  
62% committed with major leasing to Media Design School (MDS), we are pleased  
to have conditionally leased the remainder of the office space to two  
confidential parties with documentation currently under negotiation. At  
Wynyard Quarter Stages 3 and 4, preliminary designs are underway with the  
programme allowing for mid-2020 works to commence.  
Bowen Campus  
In Wellington, we completed the Charles Ferguson Building during the period.  
At Defence House (previously Bowen State Building), base build works are now  
complete with integrated fitout progressing well and rent has commenced.  
Across Bowen Campus Stage Two, detailed design is complete. Enabling works  
are progressing on site and are on programme to be completed at the end of  
August 2019. Management are currently engaged in discussions with a number  
of potential occupiers for 40-44 Bowen Street. We expect to commit to a  
construction start in the next 12 months.  
Board changes  
Over the past eight years, Precinct has benefited from a strong and stable  
governance regime. Having a Board of Directors comprising the right balance  
of skills, knowledge and perspective provides Precinct with an effective  
leadership team to take the business forward.  
In November 2018, it was announced that Don Huse will retire in the second  
half of 2020. Commencing a recruitment process earlier this year for a new  
Independent Director has been part of the succession plan. Ensuring a  
seamless transition and best practice corporate governance is maintained has  
been a key priority. We look forward to announcing the appointment of a new  
Independent Director ahead of this year's Annual General Meeting of  
We also announce, today, that Chris Judd has notified the Board of his  
intention to resign as a director for both Precinct and for our management  
company, AMP Haumi Management Limited (AHML). Chris will remain on both the  
Precinct and AHML Boards until early 2020.  
Craig Stobo, Precinct's Chairman said "Don and Chris have been an integral  
part of Precinct's strategic review and execution. We would like to thank  
them both formally for their on-going contribution over the last 9 years and  
wish them all the best".  
Dividend policy change  
Recognising a dividend policy should optimise long term sustainable returns  
for Precinct's shareholders, the Board has recently reviewed Precinct's  
dividend policy. Accordingly, Precinct intends to transition towards paying  
out approximately 100% of AFFO as dividends, with the retained earnings being  
used to fund the capital expenditure required to maintain the quality of  
Precinct's property portfolio. Aligning dividends with AFFO is considered to  
be best practice in a global context for real estate entities. It is  
consistent with the objectives of the current dividend policy, but more  
explicitly adjusts for maintenance capital expenditure and incentives. AFFO  
best reflects the sustainable cash flow produced by our portfolio. The Board  
is of the view that this updated dividend policy will provide a stable long  
term profile, in line with executing Precinct's strategy. The updated policy  
will be phased in over the next two years and has been considered in relation  
to our FY20 dividend guidance of 6.30 cps.  
Dividend payment  
Precinct shareholders will receive a fourth-quarter dividend of 1.50 cps plus  
imputation credits of 0.021737 cps. Offshore investors will receive an  
additional supplementary dividend of 0.009864 cps to offset non-resident  
withholding tax (see note 2). The record date is 13 September 2019 with  
payment to be made on 27 September 2019.  
Outlook and guidance  
As our business evolves, so does the city centre markets in which we invest  
in. We recognise the uncertainty which exists as a consequence of global  
events. However, we remain confident in the occupier markets of Auckland and  
Wellington and the key drivers which support them.  
Our portfolio is performing well. We are achieving high occupancy across our  
assets and good levels of pre-leasing at our development projects. The  
balance sheet is in a strong position and our business is well placed to  
deliver earnings and dividend growth to our shareholders.  
Precinct's current strategy is responsible for our business performance. The  
primary objective is to drive outperformance through creating sustainable  
value from city centre real estate. A high quality investment and development  
portfolio, supportive markets and clear strategic direction are advancing our  
business transformation.  
The way in which people are working is changing. We are responding to this.  
Businesses and employees are now demanding flexibility, social interaction,  
work-life balance, digital connectivity and a positive workplace environment.  
The Auckland city centre market is strong. As Auckland grows, businesses and  
employees are increasingly recognising the value of being located in the city  
centre. We believe this trend will continue as major public transport  
infrastructure projects progress.  
While Precinct's long term predominant asset class will be city centre  
office, widening our mix of real estate to include retail, hotels and  
flexible workspace is enabling us to realise our potential as a city centre  
The Board expects full year earnings for the 2020 financial year of to be at  
least 6.80 cps, before performance fees and expects to pay a total dividend  
of 6.30 cps. This represents a 5.0% increase in dividends to shareholders.  
Further information can be found within the 2019 Annual Report and results  
presentation. You can find this at:  
For further information, please contact:  
Scott Pritchard  
Chief Executive Officer  
Mobile: +64 21 431 581  
George Crawford  
Chief Operating Officer  
Mobile: +64 21 384 014  
Richard Hilder  
Chief Financial Officer  
Mobile: +64 29 969 4770  
About Precinct (PCT)  
Precinct is New Zealand's only listed city centre specialist investing  
predominately in premium and A-grade commercial office property. Listed on  
the NZX Main Board, PCT currently owns Auckland's PwC Tower, AMP Centre, ANZ  
Centre (50%), Zurich House, HSBC House, Mason Bros. Building, 12 Madden  
Street, 10 Madden Street and Commercial Bay; and Wellington's AON Centre,  
Dimension Data House, No. 1 and No. 3 The Terrace, Pastoral House, Mayfair  
House and Bowen Campus.  
Precinct owns Generator NZ, New Zealand's premier flexible office space  
provider. Generator currently offers 13,200 square metres of space across  
four locations in Auckland.  
Note 1  
Net operating income and AFFO are alternative performance measures which  
adjust net profit after tax for a number of cash and non-cash items as  
detailed in the reconciliation below. Precinct's past Dividend Policy has  
been based upon net operating income and Precinct is transitioning to a  
dividend policy based on AFFO. These alternative performance measures are  
provided to assist investors in assessing Precinct's performance for the  
See table attached  
Note 2  
A supplementary dividend is paid to non-resident shareholders to offset the  
amount of non-resident withholding tax ("NRWT") that New Zealand companies  
are required to deduct from dividends paid to non-resident shareholders. A  
supplementary dividend is paid to ensure equitable treatment between  
non-resident shareholders and resident shareholders (whose dividends are not  
subject to NRWT).  
There's no disadvantage to Precinct or our shareholders, and non-resident  
shareholders don't get a larger cash dividend than an equivalent New Zealand  
resident shareholder.  
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