FLLYR: MMH: Marsden Maritime Holdings' Growth Continues 11:24a.m. 
29/08/2019 11:24  
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FLLYR: MMH: Marsden Maritime Holdings' Growth Continues  
Marsden Maritime Holdings Ltd (NZX:MMH) has lifted the Net Surplus for the  
financial year ended 30 June 2019 by 3.1% ($0.3m) to $9.7 million. The  
improved result was largely due to a $0.6 million uplift in the valuation of  
the Company's investment property.  
Earnings from the joint venture interest in Northport Ltd was down slightly  
for the year, offset by an increase in earnings from the Company's property  
and marina business segments.  
Bulk cargo throughput at Northport reduced by 4.9% to 3,387,000 tonnes (2018  
- 3,563,000 tonnes). Log exports of 2,651,000 tonnes (2018 - 2,786,000  
tonnes) accounted for 78% of volume in both financial years. Annual container  
volumes increased by 61% over the previous financial year with 12,849 TEU  
(2018 - 7,975 TEU) being handled.  
Commenting today, Chief Executive Felix Richter noted, "the Company's result  
is reflective of our increasingly diversified portfolio of businesses across  
property holdings, marina activities and port operations."  
"We are keeping a close watch on a number of large scale infrastructure  
projects that, if given the go ahead, will have a positive impact on our  
operations and the Northland area", added Chairman Murray Jagger.  
The Company will pay a fully imputed final dividend of 9.25 cents per share  
on 13 September 2019. This represents an increase of 0.25 cents per share  
compared to the final dividend paid last year and brings the total dividend  
distribution for the year to 16.00 cents per share (2018 - 15.75 cents per  
Gavin Carroll  
Ph: (09) 432-5052  
About Marsden Maritime  
Marsden Maritime owns marina and retail facilities at Marsden Cove on the  
Whangarei Harbour, has significant land holdings in the adjacent area that  
are being progressively developed for industrial use and owns 50% of  
Northport, the operator of a deep-water port facility at Marsden Point.  
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