SHINTR: SPF: Initial Disclosure Notice 02:25p.m. 
23/09/2019 14:25  
REL: 1425 HRS Spark Finance Limited  
SHINTR: SPF: Initial Disclosure Notice  
Initial Disclosure Notice  
Disclosure of Directors and Senior Managers Relevant Interests  
Sections 297(1) and 298(1), Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013  
To NZX Limited; and  
Name of listed issuer: Spark New Zealand Limited (Spark NZ)  
Date this disclosure made: 23 September 2019  
Date on which issuer listed or appointment made: 20 September 2019  
Director or senior manager giving disclosure  
Full name: Jolie Hodson  
Name of listed issuer: Spark NZ  
Name of related body corporate (if applicable): Spark Finance Limited  
Position held in listed issuer: Director, Chief Executive  
Summary of relevant interest (excluding specified derivatives)  
Class of quoted financial product: Ordinary shares  
Nature of relevant interest: Beneficial ownership of ordinary shares  
subject to restrictions under the Spark New Zealand Long Term Incentive  
schemes, legal ownership of options to acquire ordinary shares pursuant to  
the Spark New Zealand Long Term Incentive Scheme 2019 and legal ownership of  
ordinary shares  
Number held in class: 137,490 restricted shares, 203,317 options and 52,018  
ordinary shares  
Current registered holder: Spark Trustee Limited, Jolie Hodson  
Summary of specified derivatives relevant interest (if applicable)  
Type of derivative: n/a  
Class of underlying financial products: n/a  
Details of derivative  
The notional value of the derivative (if any) or the notional amount of  
underlying products (if any): n/a  
A statement as to whether the derivative is cash settled or physically  
settled: n/a  
Maturity date of the derivative (if any): n/a  
Expiry date of the derivative (if any): n/a  
The price specified in the terms of the derivative(if any): n/a  
Any other details needed to understand how the amount of the consideration  
payable under the derivative or the value of the derivative is affected by  
the value of the underlying financial products: n/a  
For that derivative,-  
Parties to the derivative: n/a  
If the director or senior manager is not a party to the derivative, the  
nature of the relevant interest in the derivative: n/a  
I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the information  
contained in this disclosure is correct and that I am duly authorised to make  
this disclosure by all persons for whom it is made.  
Signature of director or officer:  
Date of signature:  
Signature of person authorised to sign on behalf of director or officer:  
Date of signature:  
Name and title of authorised person:  
End CA:00341410 For:SPF Type:SHINTR Time:2019-09-23 14:25:04  

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