OFFER: MLN: New Warrant Issue for Marlin Global 04:00p.m. 
17/10/2019 16:00  
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OFFER: MLN: New Warrant Issue for Marlin Global  
17 October 2019  
New Warrant Issue for Marlin  
The directors of Marlin Global Limited ("Marlin") are pleased to announce  
that the company will undertake a pro rata offer of warrants to shareholders.  
The purpose of the offer is to raise capital as part of Marlin's ongoing  
capital management programme and provide investors the ability to purchase  
additional shares in Marlin at a pre-determined Exercise Price. The offer  
also aims to increase the size of the portfolio and improve operational  
efficiency. The net proceeds of the offer are expected to be used for further  
investment in the Marlin portfolio.  
On the record date, Marlin shareholders will be issued one warrant for every  
four shares held. The record date for the issue is 6 November 2019 and the  
warrants are expected to be allotted on 7 November 2019.  
Each warrant gives shareholders the right, but not the obligation, to  
subscribe for one additional ordinary share in Marlin on the exercise date.  
The exercise date is 6 November 2020.  
The exercise price will be $0.94 less any dividends declared during the  
period up to the exercise date. The final exercise price will be calculated  
and advised to warrant holders at least six weeks before the exercise date.  
The warrants are expected to be quoted on the NZX Main Board from 8 November  
2019 under the issuer code MLNWD.  
The Warrant Term Document will be sent to shareholders later this month.  
Wayne Burns  
Corporate Manager  
Marlin Global Limited  
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