OFFER: WDT: Wellington funding update 09:38a.m. 
25/10/2019 09:38  
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OFFER: WDT: Wellington funding update  
Wellington announces fully supported rights issue to fund continued growth  
Wellington Drive Technologies Limited (Wellington), a leading provider of  
Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and energy efficient motors to the retail  
food and beverage industry, today announced its intention to raise  
approximately $5.3m of new capital through a fully supported pro-rata rights  
issue. This announcement is on the back of strong year-to-date results that  
demonstrates improving profit performance, plus an expanding array of growth  
opportunities, including the recently announced new North American IoT  
Wellington's Capital Committee Chairperson, Gottfried Pausch commented "With  
continually improving operating performance and an exciting funnel of growth  
opportunities the board believes now is the right time to increase the  
company's growth investment. We appreciate the support of those shareholders  
that have committed to support this rights issue and we invite other  
shareholders to also participate. This new capital will let Wellington  
accelerate its product development and business development capability, so  
that it can grow revenue consistent with its 2023 growth target and further  
increase earnings and cash generation".  
Funding Details  
To ensure Wellington can successfully execute new growth projects, continue  
to add the necessary skills in sales and IoT engineering and successfully  
launch new products planned for 2020, Wellington intends to raise  
approximately $5.3m from a pro-rata rights issue.  
The key features of the offer include:  
- Raise approximately $5.3m through a 1:5 pro-rata rights issue at 10 cents  
per new share;  
- The offer is expected to close in November with the new shares issued early  
in December 2019;  
- The issue is 100% committed with either underwrite agreements or firm  
pro-rata rights commitments.  
Use of funds:  
o New IoT business opportunity: Develop a new Connect SCS product and hire  
customer support resources for the new IoT business opportunity with one of  
the largest manufacturers of commercial coolers in the Americas (the  
opportunity previously disclosed in the company's 2019 Interim report). This  
new product has an approximate development cost of $1m to $1.5m. Revenue is  
estimated to start Q4-2020, with full production revenues estimated at $2 to  
$4m annually from 2021. This project is in the latter stages of negotiation.  
Wellington's confidence at this stage of negotiations stems from the fact  
there is an existing long-standing commercial relationship with this customer  
on another line of business. The Wellington board has approved the  
commencement of early development work on customer specific applications.  
o New Product Launches: Ensure the successful completion and launch of other  
new products launching in 2020. New hardware includes the ECR2+, a new  
version of the successful ECR2 platform; Connect SCS Black, a Connect IoT  
device specifically targeted at large scale new build coolers; Connect  
Monitor, a new IoT device to allow retrofit in a broader range of coolers;  
Connect Network, a new 'always on' IoT device; and new apps including one  
that helps store owners manage the in-store cooler or display shelves.  
o Develop the food service market: Fund entry into the food service market  
with new IoT hardware and data solutions. Market entry has already commenced  
in New Zealand with SKOPE Industries. Deploy sales and technical resources  
that are closer to the main USA market for food service.  
o iProximity platform development: Market development in support of expanding  
the company's iProximity platform sales which includes technical marketing  
resources to explore new areas such as smart venues and non-refrigeration  
based digital marketing. The expansion of iProximity sourcing relationships  
to support the growth of proximity marketing devices used for  
non-refrigeration customers.  
o Expanding sales and technical capability: Expanding the USA and Western  
European sales teams to win new customers for Wellington's IoT solutions,  
ECR2 and ECR2+ motors. Continue the expansion of the company's software and  
hardware teams to improve capability and accelerate time to market for new  
o Repay high cost debt: Wellington has a $1m loan from Onimeg Investments  
Limited and a US$0.6m loan from Meta Capital Limited which are both repayable  
on 31 March 2020. Proceeds from this issue will be used to repay these loans  
on or before the due dates resulting in annualised savings of $250k in  
interest costs. Total annualised savings including the partial repayment of  
the Onimeg loan in September 2019, is approximately $500k.  
This rights issue has been approved by the independent Directors of  
Governance note  
Acting Chairman John McMahon is the sole director and shareholder of Meta  
Capital Limited. Meta Capital has loaned US$0.6 million to Wellington on  
arms-length terms and this loan is due for repayment on 31 March 2020. Part  
of the proceeds of the capital raising will contribute towards repayment of  
this loan. In addition, Mr McMahon is a director of NZX Limited, the parent  
company of Smartshares Limited, which is a substantial product holder of  
Wellington with 27.478% of the issued ordinary shares of Wellington as at 6  
June 2018 (being the date of its most recent substantial product holder  
disclosure). Given these factors, Mr McMahon is deemed to be "interested" in  
the Offer. Accordingly, he has not participated in discussions or  
information where a conflict of interest may arise and has been recused from  
all Wellington Board decisions relating to the Offer. Mr McMahon is not an  
independent director of Wellington.  
Greg Allen Howard Milliner  
Chief Executive Officer  
Phone +1-778-238-6494  
Howard Milliner  
Chief Financial Officer  
Phone +64 27 587-0455  
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