GENERAL: GMT: GMT Interim Result Webcast Details 01:26p.m. 
08/11/2019 13:26  
REL: 1326 HRS Goodman Property Trust (NS)  
GENERAL: GMT: GMT Interim Result Webcast Details  
Goodman (NZ) Limited, the Manager of Goodman Property Trust is pleased to  
advise that the Trust's interim result for the six months ended 30 September  
2019 will be released to the market on 14 November 2019.  
A live webcast of the result presentation is scheduled for 10:30 am on 14  
November 2018 and can be viewed by following the link on the investor centre  
of the Trust's website.  
It can also be accessed directly from:  
For further information please contact:  
Andy Eakin  
Chief Financial Officer  
Goodman (NZ) Limited  
(021) 305 316  
About Goodman Property Trust:  
GMT is an externally managed unit trust, listed on the NZX. It has a market  
capitalisation of around $2.8 billion, ranking it in the top 20 of all listed  
investment vehicles. The Manager of the Trust is a subsidiary of the ASX  
listed Goodman Group, Goodman Group is also the Trust's largest investor with  
a cornerstone unitholding of 22%.  
GMT is New Zealand's leading industrial space provider. It has a substantial  
property portfolio, with a current market value of $3.0 billion. The Trust  
holds an investment grade credit rating of BBB from Standard & Poor's.  
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