GENERAL: NPH: Contract to build 6 wharf signed 02:29p.m. 
08/11/2019 14:29  
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GENERAL: NPH: Contract to build 6 wharf signed  
Napier Port (NZX.NPH) today signed the contract with HEB  
Construction to build its multi-purpose 350 metre wharf, which will boost the  
port's ability to handle more and larger ships.  
HEB is scheduled to start building the wharf - known as 6 Wharf - during the  
first quarter of 2020 (calendar year) and will be on-port this month to  
establish the construction site, and order and deliver materials.  
Heron Construction & Dredging Limited is the key subcontractor undertaking  
the essential dredging works, scheduled to begin around the end of the first  
quarter of 2020.  
Napier Port chief executive, Todd Dawson says assuming no significant  
weather-related delays or other unforeseen circumstances, construction and  
dredging should be complete and the new wharf ready to receive its first ship  
in late 2022.  
"Planning for this project started over four years ago so it's a huge  
milestone to get to this point. 6 Wharf is a critical piece of infrastructure  
that will help support growth for our customers and Hawke's Bay's economy for  
many years to come," Mr Dawson says.  
As well as allowing the port to handle more and larger ships, 6 Wharf will  
help to increase the port's operational resilience and efficiency by easing  
congestion constraints and reducing secondary vessel movements (temporarily  
moving vessels off the wharves to accommodate larger vessels) by an estimated  
100 movements per year.  
Mr Dawson says the port remains dedicated to ensuring the project is the best  
it can be for the economy, environment and community throughout construction  
and dredging.  
In partnership with stakeholders, such as the Hawke's Bay Regional Council,  
mana whenua and the fishing community, the port has produced comprehensive  
and best practice management plans to ensure it protects the environment and  
cultural values during the project. This includes marine mammals, the korora  
(little blue penguin) that nest on-port, cultural values of mana whenua,  
water quality, fisheries and fauna.  
The port is currently working on a Construction Management Plan with HEB,  
which will include a construction timetable that will be made public.  
Construction will start subject to remaining building and administrative  
consents, which the port expects to receive before construction is due to  
As detailed in the Product Disclosure Statement for Napier Port's recent  
initial public offer, the project is estimated to cost $173-190 million,  
excluding capitalised interest and overheads.  
The expected project cost includes the costs provided for under the  
construction contract (approximately $147 million), other costs directly  
associated with the project (for example, mooring system procurement,  
engineering, project management and environmental) and an estimate of  
specific and overall project contingencies.  
Those interested in the 6 Wharf project are encouraged to sign-up to receive  
updates on the port's website.  
6 Wharf will be 350 metres long and located along the northern face of the  
existing container terminal.  
The 6 Wharf expansion project includes a dredging programme which will create  
a new vessel turning area.  
For more information:  
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Senior Communications Advisor  
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Napier Port is New Zealand's fourth largest port by container volume. We are  
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