GENERAL: TRP: Work to recommence on Transpower's CUWLP 08:35a.m. 
03/12/2019 08:35  
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GENERAL: TRP: Work to recommence on Transpower's CUWLP  
Transpower New Zealand today announced it has entered into separate  
agreements with Contact Energy and Meridian Energy to commence further work  
on its Clutha Upper Waitaki Lines Project (CUWLP) on the national electricity  
transmission network.  
Transpower Chief Executive Alison Andrew welcomed the agreements with Contact  
Energy and Meridian Energy, which will fund the immediate commencement of  
work due to the impact of current transmission constraints and the potential  
for these impacts to be exacerbated in future.  
The CUWLP consists of five projects approved by the Electricity Commission in  
2010. Two critical projects were completed in 2016 before work ceased. The  
project was to recommence once an increased northward transfer of South  
Island generation was expected to be required.  
Recent speculation and uncertainty regarding the future of the Tiwai  
aluminium smelter has led to a review of the transmission network and a  
decision by Transpower to recommence work on two of the remaining three  
Transpower will commence tower strengthening works in the summer of  
2019-2020, to enable duplexing of the Roxburgh-Livingstone circuits during  
the summers of 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. Other enabling works will also  
commence, including the thermal upgrade of the Cromwell-Twizel circuits,  
required to ensure supply is maintained during outages needed on the  
Roxburgh-Livingstone circuits during the duplexing work.  
This will expedite the completion of the CUWLP, allowing for the required  
northward transfer of generation, should Tiwai reduce or cease its operations  
and demand for electricity. Transpower will continue to assess opportunities  
to accelerate the remaining works further over the coming months and is in  
discussions with the Commerce Commission and customers in this regard.  
For further information, please contact:  
Deborah Gray, Corporate Communications Manager on 04 590 7631 or 021 624 170.  
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