SECISSUE: IKE: ikeGPS Capital Change notice 12:59p.m. 
03/12/2019 12:59  
REL: 1259 HRS ikeGPS Group Limited  
SECISSUE: IKE: ikeGPS Capital Change notice  
Capital Change Notice  
Section 1: Issuer information  
Name of issuer: ikeGPS Group Limited  
NZX ticker code:IKE  
Class of financial product:Ordinary shares  
ISIN (If unknown, check on NZX website):NZIKEE0001S9  
Currency: NZD  
Section 2: Capital change details  
Number issued/acquired/redeemed:649,014  
Nominal value (if any): N/A  
Issue/acquisition/redemption price per security:$0.60  
Nature of the payment (for example, cash or other consideration): Acquisition  
of certain assets in PowerLine Technology Inc  
Amount paid up (if not in full):N/A  
Percentage of total class of Financial Products issued/acquired/redeemed/  
(calculated on the number of Financial Products of the Class, excluding any  
Treasury Stock, in existence): 0.64%  
For an issue of Convertible Financial Products or Options, the principal  
terms of Conversion (for example the Conversion price and Conversion date and  
the ranking of the Financial Product in relation to other Classes of  
Financial Product) or the Option (for example, the exercise price and  
exercise date): N/A  
Reason for issue/acquisition/redemption and specific authority for  
issue/acquisition/redemption/ (the reason for change must be identified  
here): Issue is part of the acquisition price for certain assets of PowerLine  
Technology Inc, as previously disclosed to the market on 27 September 2019.  
The allotment is the first of three tranches of USD$250,000 (NZD$389,408) of  
IKE shares at NZD$0.60.  
Total number of Financial Products of the Class after the  
issue/acquisition/redemption/Conversion (excluding Treasury Stock) and the  
total number of Financial Products of the Class held as Treasury Stock after  
the issue/acquisition/redemption: 101,963,652  
In the case of an acquisition of shares, whether those shares are to be held  
as treasury stock: N/A  
Specific authority for the issue, acquisition, or redemption, including a  
reference to the rule pursuant to which the issue, acquisition, or redemption  
is made: Directors' resolution dated 26 September 2019  
Terms or details of the issue, acquisition, or redemption (for example:  
restrictions, escrow arrangements): The shares were issued with identical  
rights, privileges, limitations and conditions as, and rank equally with, the  
existing ordinary shares.  
Date of issue/acquisition/redemption: 3 December 2019  
Section 3: Authority for this announcement and contact person  
Name of person authorised to make this announcement: Chris Birkett  
Contact person for this announcement: Chris Birkett  
Contact phone number: +64 4 382 8064  
Contact email address:  
Date of release through MAP: 3/12/2019  
End CA:00345361 For:IKE Type:SECISSUE Time:2019-12-03 12:59:54  

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