GENERAL: CEN: Contact 2020 Half Year Results Presentation webcast details 08:40a.m. 
24/01/2020 08:40  
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GENERAL: CEN: Contact 2020 Half Year Results Presentation webcast details  
24 January 2020  
Contact Energy 2020 Half Year Results Presentation  
Contact's Chief Executive, Dennis Barnes, and Chief Financial Officer, Dorian  
Devers, will make a presentation for analysts, investors and media on  
Contact's Financial Results for the six months ended 31 December 2019 on  
Monday 10 February 2020 at 10.00a.m. NZST.  
Live Webcast  
If you would like to attend the live presentation you need to register in  
advance at Once  
you have registered, you will be provided with details, via email, on how to  
join the call via PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or from your Android device. The  
dial-in details to join via mobile or telephone only are also included.  
Contact recommend that all attendees install the Zoom application to their  
device or PC beforehand as this offers seamless interaction with the webcast,  
with better sound and image quality:  
o If you would like to ask a question following the conclusion of the formal  
presentation, you must have pre-installed the Zoom application (available on  
all platforms) and use the 'raise hand' function at the bottom of the screen  
when prompted. Invitation to present your question will be made by the call  
operator when you reach the front of the queue.  
? You will be unable to ask questions if you join the webcast using a  
telephone or mobile only  
o In addition, Zoom offers the ability to 'join from your browser' should you  
choose not to download the application (i.e. by clicking cancel when prompted  
to download the application). Chrome offers superior functionality and is  
recommended if 'joining by browser' is your preferred option.  
An archived replay will be available on our website once the event has  
For further information please contact:  
Matthew Forbes  
GM Corporate Finance  
+64 21 072 8578  
Leah Chamberlin-Gunn  
Senior Communications Advisor  
+64 21 227 7991  
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