CORPACT: ARG: ARG announces third quarter dividend 08:32a.m. 
26/02/2020 08:32  
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CORPACT: ARG: ARG announces third quarter dividend  
Argosy Property Limited ('Argosy' or 'the Company') has announced a third  
quarter (for the period to 31 December 2019) cash dividend for the 2020  
financial year of 1.6250 cents per share. Imputation credits of 0.264161  
cents per share will be attached to the dividend representing income tax paid  
by the Company. Overseas investors will receive an additional supplementary  
dividend of 0.119871 cents per share to offset non-resident withholding tax.  
Mike Smith, Chairman of Argosy Property Limited said "The Company remains  
absolutely focused on delivering sustainable dividends to shareholders. Based  
on current projections for the portfolio and stable market conditions, the  
Board is guiding to a full year 2020 cash dividend of 6.35 cents per share.  
This is an 1.2% increase on the prior year. This dividend increase is  
consistent with our view that shareholders continue to share in the positive  
outlook we see for Argosy but also allows us to maintain our momentum towards  
changing to an AFFO based dividend policy."  
As Argosy is a PIE the dividend is able to be treated as excluded income for  
New Zealand income tax purposes. For shareholders who choose to include the  
dividend in their New Zealand income tax return the Company's third quarter  
dividend of 1.6250 cents per share is made up of:  
- a fully imputed dividend of 0.679273 cents per share with imputation  
credits of 0.264161 cents per share attached; and  
- an excluded distribution of 0.945727 cents per share.  
Shareholders who treat the entire dividend as excluded income for New Zealand  
income tax purposes will not be able to claim the imputation credits.  
The record date for the dividend is 11 March 2020 and the payment date is 25  
March 2020.  
The Company's dividend reinvestment plan (DRP) continues to be suspended and  
will not apply in respect of this dividend.  
An Election Notice can be obtained by contacting Computershare on (09) 488  
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