MEETING: NZX: Covid 19 - Arrangements for Online Annual Meeting 09:25a.m. 
27/03/2020 09:25  
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MEETING: NZX: Covid 19 - Arrangements for Online Annual Meeting  
NZX published a Notice of Meeting on 9 March 2020 in relation to its Annual  
Meeting and a follow-up announcement noting that virtual participation would  
be offered.  
This further update confirms that NZX will no longer offer the ability for  
shareholders to attend the Annual Meeting in person due to the current  
restrictions from COVID-19. Shareholders will only be able to participate  
online. We appreciate the support and understanding of our shareholders with  
regard to this one-off arrangement for the 2020 Annual Meeting.  
To participate at the meeting online use the following link to NZX's share  
registrar's virtual meeting platform  
Shareholders attending and participating in the Meeting virtually via the  
online platform will be able to vote and ask questions during the Meeting.  
When participating online you will require your shareholder number, found on  
your proxy form, for verification purposes.  
More information regarding virtual attendance at the Meeting (including how  
to vote and ask questions virtually during the Meeting) is available in the  
Virtual Annual Meeting Online Portal Guide, which is available at  
NZX offers the facility for shareholders to submit questions to the Board in  
advance of the Annual Meeting at https://, using the proxy  
form, or by asking questions via the online platform during the meeting. The  
Chair will answer as many of the most frequently asked questions as possible  
during the Meeting.  
You may also appoint a proxy and direct your votes in advance of the meeting.  
Please see the Notice of Meeting for instructions.  
Hamish Macdonald or 027 7046377  
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