GENERAL: AFI: Teleconference/ Webcast Presentation 10:27a.m. 
27/03/2020 10:27  
REL: 1027 HRS Australian Foundation Investment Company Limited  
GENERAL: AFI: Teleconference/ Webcast Presentation  
Teleconference/ Webcast Presentation  
Please find attached the presentation to be given at the Shareholder  
Teleconference/ Webcast being held today, Friday 27 March 2020 at 10.00 a.m.  
To join the webcast please use the below link (this is available under the  
news section on the Company's website,  
Webcast Link: (This link will  
open directly in your internet browser).  
Alternatively to join via the teleconference, please use the details below:  
Telephone: 0800 667 018 (free call within New Zealand)  
or +61 2 8038 5271 (outside Australia)  
Conference ID: 1064645  
On calling the number you will be greeted by an operator. Quote "1064645" and  
you will be connected to the briefing. The operator will also outline the  
process for asking questions. International Dial-In Numbers will be available  
via the Company's website.  
The presentation is also available on the Company's website.  
Matthew Rowe  
Company Secretary  
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