MEETING: SPY: Special Meeting of Shareholders 12:36p.m. 
27/03/2020 12:36  
REL: 1236 HRS Smartpay Holdings Limited  
MEETING: SPY: Special Meeting of Shareholders  
Further to our announcement made on 28 November 2019 regarding the potential  
sale of the New Zealand business and assets to Verifone, Inc. for a cash  
purchase price of NZ$70m (the Sale), we are pleased to invite shareholders to  
attend our Special Meeting to approve the Sale.  
Given current COVID- 19 circumstances, the meeting will be held by a Zoom  
conference meeting.  
Full details of the business of the Special Meeting and details regarding  
registering to attend the Zoom conference meeting are contained in the  
attached formal Notice of Meeting and proxy form.  
End CA:00350818 For:SPY Type:MEETING Time:2020-03-27 12:36:33  

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