MKTUPDTE: CAV: Update on COVID-19 and business continuity plan 01:12p.m. 
27/03/2020 13:12  
REL: 1312 HRS Cavalier Corporation Limited  
MKTUPDTE: CAV: Update on COVID-19 and business continuity plan  
Cavalier Corporation Limited advises that its business continuity plan is now  
successfully in place, with a number of further actions being undertaken to  
preserve the future of the business and jobs.  
o In line with the Government-mandated lockdown, all New Zealand facilities  
are now closed and essential staff required for business continuity are  
working remotely.  
o The company is supporting access to Government subsidies and assistance for  
employees, where available.  
o Website orders are still being taken with delivery to be arranged  
o In Australia, at this stage, the sales and business teams are continuing to  
work and orders are being taken, with stock available in-country.  
o All non-essential capital and operational spend has been delayed and all  
costs are being closely monitored.  
o Cavalier has engaged with its banking partner to ensure continued support  
and liquidity during this period.  
o As previously advised, the Company is unable to provide any earnings  
guidance for FY20. The Board will continue to monitor the situation and will  
keep shareholders and the market informed.  
27 March 2020  
For further information please contact:  
Paul Alston  
Chief Executive Officer  
+64 21 918 033  
+64 9 277 1135  
Jackie Ellis  
Media and Investor Relations  
+64 27 246 2505  
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