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Top 10 Most Traded Shares - NZX

29/09/2021 08:41a.m.
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Here is your chance to see what Direct Broking clients has been most actively buying and selling on the NZX.

The tables below show the most net bought and most net sold shares by Direct Broking clients from the previous calendar week and the week before.

For example, the first share in the BUY list is there because the BUY value traded in that stock exceeded the SELL value traded in that stock by the largest degree, last week.

The stocks listed in each table will change from week to week as market sentiment changes.

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BUYs Last Week
(to 24/09/2021 )
Previous Week
(to 17/09/2021 )
Fletcher Building Limited Ordinary Shares 1 152
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited Ord Shares 2 16
Metro Performance Glass Limited Ordinary Shares 3 45
Oceania Healthcare Limited Ordinary Shares 4 149
Spark New Zealand Limited Ordinary Shares 5 155
Barramundi Limited 29/10/2021 $0.64 Warrants 6 74
The a2 Milk Company Limited Ordinary Shares 7 2
Barramundi Limited Ordinary Shares 8 147
Trustpower Limited Ordinary Shares 9 112
Stride Prop & Stride Invest Mgmt Ltd Stapled Security (NS) 10 4
Top 10 Net Buys: ranked in order of net value of buy trades minus sell trades, executed during the preceding week for Direct Broking retail customers.

SELLs Last Week
(to 24/09/2021 )
Previous Week
(to 17/09/2021 )
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited Ord Shares 1 157
Ebos Group Limited Ordinary Shares 2 117
Auckland International Airport Limited Ordinary Shares 3 5
Skellerup Holdings Limited Ordinary Shares 4 52
Contact Energy Limited Ordinary Shares 5 13
Mainfreight Limited Ordinary Shares 6 2
Kiwi Property Group Limited Ordinary Shares 7 12
Pacific Edge Limited Ordinary Shares 8 35
Fonterra Shareholders' Fund Units 9 41
Smartshares NZ Top 10 ETF Units 10 59
Top 10 Net Sells: ranked in order of net value of sell trades minus buy trades, executed during the preceding week for Direct Broking retail customers.


The information displayed on this page is collated from trading activity undertaken by Direct Broking clients, and is presented in a non-identifiable aggregated form so as to maintain the confidentiality of individual clients.

Investment products involve risks, including the potential for loss of some or all of the principal amount invested. The information displayed on this page does not constitute a recommendation, opinion or guidance on the suitability of any investment products to your investment objectives. Any investment decision made by you will be based solely on your own evaluation of your financial circumstances and investment objectives. If you are uncertain about any aspect of an investment or the implications for you, Jarden and Direct Broking recommends that you seek expert advice from a financial adviser.