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10/03/2021 12:17a.m.
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FNZ.NZ - Smartshares NZ Top 50 ETF Units
Last DCF Gap VWAP Buy Sell High Low First Volume Value
332.3 ¢
0.3 0.1%
09/03 17:11 NZT
331.85 331.2 332.6 333 330.2 333 128,072 $425,013
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What is an ETF?
 In this video, provided by BetaShares, find out what an exchange traded fund is, their benefits and how you can invest in them. Learn why they are one of the fastest growing investment options for investors.
Intraday chart
Intraday Chart
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10:02a.m. MKTUPDTE: FNZ: FNZ NTA 08-03-2021 $3.31771

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Discounted Cashflow valuation ('DCF') is ShareClarity's auditable assessment of a company's value based on a ten-year discounted cashflow valuation methodology, originated and updated by our ShareClarity's team of experienced analysts
Value-gap is the proportional difference between a company’s share price and its DCF valuation. Investors generally look for companies with positive value-gaps as it suggests they are undervalued by the market