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14/12/2018 12:38 p.m.
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WKSHA.NZ - WKS 00/00/00 6.15% Works Finance (NZ) Limited Pref Shares
Last DCF Gap VWAP Buy Sell High Low First Volume Value
10120 ¢
20 0.2%
14/12 10:43 NZT
101.2 10120 10200 10120 10120 10120 45,000 $45,540
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Intraday chart
Intraday Chart
Announcements today
11:13a.m. SHINTR: WKSHA: Initial Disclosure Interest - Evan Charles Jensen
11:10a.m. SHINTR: WKSHA: Initial Disclosure Notice - Michael James Ferguson
10:54a.m. ADMIN: WKSHA: Change of Directors

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