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25/01/2020 01:01p.m.
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NZ Announcements
Time Code Headline
10:42a.m. USM.NZ MKTUPDTE: USM: USM NTA 23-01-2020 $5.53512
10:41a.m. EUF.NZ MKTUPDTE: EUF: EUF NTA 23-01-2020 $1.78503
10:39a.m. EMF.NZ MKTUPDTE: EMF: EMF NTA 23-01-2020 $1.37877
10:38a.m. ASP.NZ MKTUPDTE: ASP: ASP NTA 23-01-2020 $1.67188
10:36a.m. ASR.NZ MKTUPDTE: ASR: ASR NTA 23-01-2020 $5.36219
10:34a.m. ASF.NZ MKTUPDTE: ASF: ASF NTA 23-01-2020 $7.38305
10:33a.m. ASD.NZ MKTUPDTE: ASD: ASD NTA 23-01-2020 $1.73709
10:30a.m. MZY.NZ MKTUPDTE: MZY: MZY NTA 23-01-2020 $7.49526
10:29a.m. OZY.NZ MKTUPDTE: OZY: OZY NTA 23-01-2020 $4.06917
10:29a.m. FNZ.NZ MKTUPDTE: FNZ: FNZ NTA 23-01-2020 $3.23338
10:28a.m. TNZ.NZ MKTUPDTE: TNZ: TNZ NTA 23-01-2020 $2.04530
10:28a.m. MDZ.NZ MKTUPDTE: MDZ: MDZ NTA 23-01-2020 $6.17240
10:27a.m. GBF.NZ MKTUPDTE: GBF: GBF NTA 23-01-2020 $3.28006
10:27a.m. NPF.NZ MKTUPDTE: NPF: NPF NTA 23-01-2020 $1.52606
10:26a.m. NZB.NZ MKTUPDTE: NZB: NZB NTA 23-01-2020 $3.09088
10:26a.m. NZC.NZ MKTUPDTE: NZC: NZC NTA 23-01-2020 $2.97101
10:25a.m. DIV.NZ MKTUPDTE: DIV: DIV NTA 23-01-2020 $1.35347
09:50a.m. SAN.NZ SHINTR: SAN: Ongoing Disclosure Notice - Volker Kuntzsch
09:50a.m. PPH.NZ SECISSUE: PPH: Appendix 3B
09:49a.m. OCA.NZ GENERAL: OCA: ASX Appendix 3A.1 (Cross-filed)
09:49a.m. PPH.NZ SECISSUE: PPH: Capital Change Notice
09:06a.m. GNE.NZ SHINTR: GNE: D&O Ongoing Disclosure Notices
09:03a.m. WHS.NZ GENERAL: WHS: The Warehouse Group Chief People Officer Leaves Business
08:40a.m. CEN.NZ GENERAL: CEN: Contact 2020 Half Year Results Presentation webcast details
08:30a.m. OCA.NZ HALFYR: OCA: Oceania Healthcare - Half Year Result and Interim Report
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