• Latest Update - In our first edition of FNZC Insights, we spoke to Glen Sowry, CEO of Metlifecare, to hear his insights on the growing retirement village living sector and how Metlifecare plans to secure the company's future growth and success. Click here to watch.
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22/05/2019 09:46p.m.
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Our mission is to empower self-directed investors with the right digital tools and products to achieve their investment goals.

We'll be supporting Kiwi investors by offering more varied investment products, better investment tools, and fun ways to learn about investing. Over time, Direct Broking will give self-directed investors, like you, all this and more.

Our Story

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Direct Broking was acquired by First NZ Capital Securities Limited (FNZC) from ANZ Bank in December 2018. FNZC is a New Zealand company, established more than 50 years ago, and wholly locally owned. FNZC is a trusted provider of wealth management and investment services to individuals, companies and governments*.
*FNZC is not a registered bank.

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Fueled by our mission to empower New Zealand investors, we have partnered with Shareclarity, combining our relative strengths to provide New Zealanders broader access to equity research and the capital markets.

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ANZ/FNZC Alliance

As a result of the acquisition, FNZC and ANZ Bank have entered a strategic alliance. This alliance means that, over time, Direct Broking clients will get to enjoy new investment services, research and other opportunities, and you'll be able to maintain the other banking and wealth services you have with ANZ.

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