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Cash Management Trust Account

Applying for an account

Our new online investment platform is now live. We’re changing the way New Zealanders invest with our new platform, Jarden Direct (previously Direct Broking). To ensure a smooth transition, we’ll be granting clients access to the new platform in waves. When you join, you will initially sign into your new Direct Broking account however, when it’s your turn to set up your Jarden Direct account, we'll send full instructions at that time. (And if you see a tile at top right inviting you to transfer to Jarden Direct, then it’s time to get started).

To be eligible to open an account you must:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Hold a New Zealand bank account and an IRD number in the same name as your Jarden Direct account.
  • For an individual or joint account - Be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident;
  • For a company account - Be a director of a New Zealand registered company; or
  • For a trust account - Be a trustee of a New Zealand-based trust

We regret that we cannot open accounts for:

  • Prescribed persons, being a director, partner, managing principal, responsible executive, shareholder or employee of an NZX Market Participant; or the spouse, de facto partner or dependent child of any such person
  • Children under 18

Find out more about Jarden Direct, including details on how to join  arrow_forward

ANZ Bank Customers

We have a strategic alliance with ANZ which means existing ANZ Bank customers can quickly open a Direct Broking account using their ANZ customer number.

Simply start the pre-application form here, so that we can send you the appropriate documentation for your situation.

Sign up via ANZ for an individual or joint account  arrow_forward

Account Maintenance

Individuals, Sole Traders, Minors and joint-individuals, please complete the following change of details form.

Change details for Individual or Joint accounts

Company, Trust or Partnership, please complete the following change of details form.

Change details for Trust or Company accounts

  1. It is your responsibility to inform all Share Registries (for NZ holdings and all non-CHESS AUS holdings) of these changes in writing
  2. Discrepancies between the registry records and Direct Broking records will cause delays in settling transactions.
  3. CHESS Account Holders: as this is a broker sponsored account, it is our responsibility to advise your CHESS provider of these changes.