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Your access to the Internet must allow you to connect to secure servers on Port 443 before you will be able to sign on to this site. Some company firewalls will block this port.

This entire website can be browsed securely with authentication by Entrust. When browsing securely, all information passed between your computer and this site's servers is protected using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. SSL not only provides encryption but also provides authentication. Not only can you be confident that all information passed is encrypted but you can also be confident that you are accessing our real website. Entrust have issued us with a digital certificate, which is like an electronic signature, that authenticates this website as ours. You can click here if you would like to learn more on SSL and Entrust.

When you select 'Login' from a menu or the site map, the required pages are automatically secured and will remain secure for the duration of your session with the website. You should see a 'padlock' appear on the status bar of Microsoft and Netscape browsers to indicate the page is 'secure'.

If you wish to confirm that the page you are entering data on is secure then right mouse click on the page. A floating menu will appear. For Netscape browsers, select 'View Frame Info' to display the page information. At the bottom of the page displayed will be security information that tells you the page is secure and provides our certificate information. For Microsoft browsers, select 'Properties' to display the page properties. A dialog box will appear. To the right of the 'Connection' title will be text similar to 'SSL 3.0, RC4 with 40 bit encryption (Low); RSA with 512 bit exchange' which tells you the page is secure. You can view our certificate information by clicking on 'Certificates'.

If you have problems accessing the website in secure mode then please try updating your browser. Your browser must support Javascript and it must be enabled.