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Depositing Funds Into Your CMT

22/01/2019 9:12 p.m.
NZ/AU Markets   
Exchange Traded Funds   
NZ Fixed interest   
New Issues
Government Kiwi Bonds
Cash Management Account   

New Zealand Dollar (NZD) deposits:

NZD can be deposited into the NZD CMT via your usual NZD payment method - bill payment or direct credit.

Please use the following details when making an NZD deposit to your NZD CMT:

Beneficiary Bank Name: ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited
Beneficiary Bank Address: Corporate Banking Division, 1 Victoria Street, Wellington, New Zealand
Beneficiary Account Name: First NZ Capital Securities Ltd - Client Funds
Beneficiary SWIFT CODE: ANZBNZ22XXX (or if only 8 characters available: ANZBNZ22)
Beneficiary Account Number: 06-0501-0855322-000
Payment reference: Your client account number, e.g. "2012345"
BP Deposit (Westpac and Kiwibank accounts only): Your client account number, e.g. "2013245"

International funds:

The deposit of international funds will only be accepted by International Money Transfer (IMT) as these are cleared funds.

View our Currency Account Settlement Instructions


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