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Our People

29/10/2020 02:05p.m.
NZ/AU Markets   
Exchange Traded Funds   
NZ Fixed interest   
New Issues
Cash Management Trust Account

Fiona Mackenzie Head of Direct Wealth

Client Experience

0800 805 777

Aaron McGrath Client Experience Manager
Jacob Congdon Client Support Specialist
Conor Moynihan Client Support Specialist

Client Accounts

0800 805 777

Vivienne Zeier Head of Client Accounts
Misi Fata-Meafou Client Accounts Administrator
Madeleine Pumphrey Client Accounts Administrator
Sieni Wallis Client Accounts Administrator
Michael Watson Client Accounts Administrator

Trading and Execution

0800 805 777

Treena Fitness Senior Operator
Tom Lawler Operator
Dan Lewington Operator
Laura Nicol Operator
Thomas St. George Operator
Alex Wilson Operator Assistant

Cash Payments, Scrip and Custodial Settlements

0800 805 777

Intermediary Services

Alana Barron Head of Client Solutions
Ben Petro Fixed Income